Duncan's Derby

We celebrated Duncan’s second birthday with friends this weekend and had way too much fun. Initially we planned on hosting everything in the backyard but it dumped rain all Friday night and ended up being in the 50s Saturday and I just wasn’t up for being 32 weeks pregnant outside in the cold and the wind. So we last minute brought everything inside! The sun came out about 5 minutes after the party started so we let the kiddos run around outside and enjoyed drinks and food for the adults inside. We had a blast!!

The color scheme was way outside of my comfort zone (I’m not the biggest fan of orange) but I fell in love with those Meri Meri terrazzo plates and let everything be influenced from there. Duncan is obsessed with cars and trucks so we knew we were going to do a car-themed party right away. It was fun to do something different than the typical red, white, black, and blue color scheme you normally see with car themed parties.

The wood cars I ordered off Amazon for the kids craft ended up being smaller than I expected so I decided to scrap my original idea and designed my own sticker sheets so the kids could decorate the cars. It was a lot of work, but they turned out so darn cute. You can download the template here if you’d like to use them as well.

I also made the chalkboard floor table!! I wanted something low the kids could easily sit around for lunch and had a spare chalkboard project panel from Home Depot lying around. So I grabbed some 2”x2”x6’ boards from Home Depot, and some mini hair pin legs off Amazon. All together it took me around 90 minutes to build (with the kids “helping”). I then designed and drew my own race track map and used my vinyl cutter to cut it out! You can find the template for that map here if you’d like to use it as well ( it’s a silhouette cut file).

The custom plates and signs were also all designed by me! If you have a silhouette cutter and want to make the plate decals yourself you can find them here, and if you want the “start your engines” decal cut file you can find that here. The plywood signs were the simplest DIY ever, you just grab a 2’x4’ plywood project panel from Home Depot (around $8) and cut it in half! That’s it!

The cardboard cars were a bit more work. I based my idea off of these super cute cardboard cars here. I created my own template of a similar design. Cardboard and spray paint was I purchased from Target. I then used a whole lot of hot glue to put them together and spray painted them the different colors! It was a lot of work but the kids absolutely loved them (and trashed them in about 5 minutes). They were built for fun not for longevity so it all worked out!

Other items I used: Balloons; Gold Balloons; White Balloons; Green Balloons; Flags; Plates; Cups; Cake Topper

Also major major shout out to my dear friend Krysten from Lucy and Lemons who made my life a million times easier by making the most delicious cake and cookies EVER.