Abner's First Fiesta

Let’s fiesta like there’s no mañana

My sweet friend and super talented local photographer Rachel asked me to make some really fun custom signage for her second son’s first birthday! I loved working with her on this unique party theme. I’d never made signs on terra cotta plates before! Loved it!

Abner Turns Uno-7.jpg

I found a really fun western style font online and went to work coming up with as many silly taco themed sayings as I could! These are just a simple vinyl sticker on terra cotta plant pot bases from Home Depot that Rachel dropped off at my house the week before the party. So easy right?

I really wish I had taken more photos at this party but I was 36 weeks pregnant and it was an incredibly hot day outside! Which was great luck for Rachel since so many of us had been rained out recently. Rachel had enlisted the help of party experts Erin, and Cassie who helped made the balloon garlands and other decor!

Abner Turns Uno-14.jpg

The party’s crowning glory though really was the churro bar put on by Krysten of Lucy and Lemons. This was entirely her idea and it was such a huge hit. Thank you Costco for the incredibly affordable churros, am I right?

Abner Turns Uno-18.jpg
Abner Turns Uno-9.jpg

My local girl gang throws the best parties ;)

Abner Turns Uno-11.jpg