Welcome Archer Forest

July 25, 2019 Archer Forest Retterath made his debut into the world at 7:36am weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces and a whopping 22 inches long. Two days prior to his delivery we had gone in to our 39 week appointment to find that he was not showing any signs of coming early but was doing well. After a quick membrane sweep I left the doctors office and continued to enjoy random Braxton Hicks for the next couple days. By Wednesday morning though the contractions had become a lot more painful. While they hurt, they never got closer together than 10 minutes and would randomly start and stop. By 11pm that night I was pretty desperate for labor to actually kick in.

A friend suggested doing some stretches to help make sure he was in the right position. After one stretch at 11pm the contractions started really rolling in and we headed to the hospital. We were admitted at midnight and spent the rest of the evening relaxing with an epidural, waiting to dilate. My OB wasn’t able to make it on time to deliver Archer, but we loved the OB who was on call that morning. Two contractions worth of pushes later and Archer was in our arms.

He’s been home with us for two weeks now and we just can’t believe how complete our little family feels with him here. The boys absolutely adore him. We have to regularly remind Duncan to give him some breathing room. Anytime he cries they all come running from different parts of the house to pat him and (not so gently) help him with his pacifier. Our hearts are overflowing. These boys are such a precious gift and we are feeling so blessed. Love you Archer. So glad you’re here.