Sparkle Unicorn Rainbow Party

Ride a Unicorn, Chase Rainbows

I had so much fun working on these custom acrylic signs for my friend Erin’s daughter’s 5th birthday party! Emma requested Unicorn Rainbow Sparkles and her mom really did deliver on the most amazing party. Since my life is dominated mostly by trucks, soccer balls, and dirt, working on a good ole rainbow party is super refreshing! Check out what we put together for Emma!


Erin really didn’t want to go with traditional “rainbow” colors and so she worked together with a local maker Becks of Arrow and Gold shop to make this beautiful fabric bunting backdrop. I walked Erin through a tutorial on how to build the wood frame for the custom acrylic sign I made for her (pictured above). Normally I would happily make the frame myself, but I was heavily pregnant and exhausted by this point. Erin added the cute little embellishments as well.


We wanted to do a fun party favor aside from the typical baggie full of candy, and came up with the idea of creating custom labeled cups for the girls to drink from during the party! My hand lettering is complimented by the super cute ribbons and glitter star embellishments that Erin added. These are just starbucks frappuccino glasses with the label removed by the way! Super easy DIY for some fun glasses.


The cutest tablescape! The girls loved their custom glasses and decorating their very own unicorn horn headbands! Loved this craft idea by Erin. Beautiful photos taken by Rachel of Rachel O’Neill Photography


A sparkly sweets acrylic sign by me to accompany the always incredible creations of Krysten of Lucy and Lemons. Aren’t those watercolor rainbow cookies beautiful? And that cake is just divine. She’s magical with her baked goods every time and one of my all-time favorite vendors in Snoqualmie to work with.


Pin the horn on the unicorn! This was a custom unicorn illustration I made for Emma’s birthday invitations. We blew it up on a large print at Kinkos and glued it to a foam board. Link coming soon to download your own, along with a template for the unicorn horns (we used glitter paper on card stock). So much fun!


Happy birthday Emma!