Happy birthday sweet Connor!! I can't believe you are already three years old. You are full of personality and opinions and just the sweetest little boy.

You love playing with your castle and dragon toys, and even sometimes share nicely with Braden 😉


So we've been basically MIA on the blog for like three months now. Whoops. Things got a little crazy between moving and winter colds/flus/life. My MIL came to stay with us for three whole weeks to help us keep everything together and it was the biggest blessing ever. Seriously amazing. I don't know how we would have juggled the kids and getting the house ready to sell and everything else that was going on without her.



Two weeks after Connor was born I had my first outing where I had to put on actual real clothes...I stood in front of my burgeoning closet and cried. All these clothes and nothing to wear. I felt so defeated and so unhappy with my body. I figured ok - time to buy new clothes that will work with this weird postpartum body.

Chelan Family Cabin Progress

It's been so much fun to finally see some progress over at the cabin site! The walls are actually being built!! I found a bunch of the photos mom and dad have been sending to us as things have been progressing. So cool to see all the stages of the build! Will upload more as the builder sends them to my parents :)