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Love It Here

Love It Here

Love It Here is a small business that works with local employers and individuals to help new transplants to the Seattle area get connected to the things they love in a new place. The owner Diana is a transplant to the Seattle area herself and knows just how hard it can be to be all alone in a new place. Through Love It Here she hopes to help people connect so they can love it here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The octopus to Diana represents strength, adaptability, creativity, uniqueness, beauty, and fun; all things she attributes to the character of the Pacific Northwest. Also it is a form of sea life which is a major aspect of our region in the Seattle area. She wanted to keep the octopus more on the playful and sweet side than on the sea monster side. The final logo shown above represents not only Love It Here, but Diana as an individual.

Something Diana was very passionate about creating for her clients was a personalized tour booklet. Diana wanted to mimic the tour guide books one would purchase at the travel agency before visiting a foreign place. However, Diana's tour booklet would be a much smaller, more focused and personalized booklet. By gathering her clients personal and professional interests, she is able to create a personalized tour guide to the greater Seattle area.

Since Love It Here works closely with local businesses, we also took the time to develop a custom brochure for use in the various offices that Love It Here has a presence in. The brochure is a tri-fold with a peek-a-book image on the front.

The images used in these examples are photos I took while at Port Orchard, WA. Diana was then able to pick her own custom photos and place them in the brochure and booklet templates that I created for her.


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