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Taylor Made Cinemas

Taylor Hawkins is an incredibly talented photographer and videographer who was looking to expand his private business. He hoped to create a logo that was professional and clear for his commercial work, while still being approachable and alluring to private clients, specifically in the wedding industry.

This was the final design that we settled on. The shutter image was chosen specifically because he wanted his brand to allude toboth his videography and photography potential.


About a year after creating this logo for Taylor, he came to me again with a re-brand project. He had moved to California and was spending a lot of his time applying to different video journalism jobs and had even done some work with the NFL Seahawks! Impressive. His new concept was a more videography focused brand called Vision Tale.

His vision for his brand was "old school video camera". He still wanted to be approachable to private clients in the wedding industry while appealing tothe professional and commercial side of videography.


Shinall Wedding

Retterath Wedding