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Easy Crochet Pillows

Easy Crochet Pillows

Okay I'm pretty excited about this project. While we were in Michigan for Dave's paternity leave and his little brother's wedding, I was dying for a project. With our little guy always being entertained by the grandparents and Dave playing a card game with Zach that I couldn't really participate in (cough. magic. cough. cough), I needed something to keep my hands busy! BUT it had to be something that was easy clean up since we were living with our in-laws and I couldn't really have some giant mess in the corner of our bedroom...so I turned to my crochet hook. Now I have yet to find something I can make crocheting that I am really in love with.

You see crocheting is a funny thing...you can make blankets and scarves and hats, but you always walk a fine line of being just a little too kitschy. There are cool, hip crochet projects, and then there are grandmotherly doily-tank-top crochet projects. I am not a crochet master by any means. So most times I start to make something, get halfway through, pull the whole thing apart, and stash the giant yarn ball I have now created into a pile of other abandoned crochet/knitting projects.

So when I stumbled upon a photo of a really beautiful knit/crochet style pillow in Pinterest, I thought to myself I CAN DO THAT! And I did. If you can make a giant rectangle, you can too! It's that simple. The knot I used was double crochet. That's it. A million rows of double crochet.


  • Scissors
  • Yarn (I used the one pound yarn from the local Meijer)
  • Crochet hook


  1. Measure your pillow case
  2. Chain until you reach thewidth to fit your pillow case
  3. Double crochet until you have a rectangle that when folded in half is a perfect square (if your pillow is square)
  4. Fold your rectangle in half and join the two together using single crochet
  5. One you have created a "pocket", slide in your pillow insert into your case and complete your single crochet
  6. Weave the left over yarn into the pillow case to keep it from fraying easily
  7. Tah Dah! Enjoy your beautiful and fuzzy new pillow


For the white pillow in the photos above I made my width significantly larger than the pillow to accommodate the fluffiness of the pillow because I was worried about it stretching too much. It ended up being a little looser than I would have liked so I made the brown pillow a little smaller and loved the results. Depending on the look you're going for you could go either way

The yarn I used was just a standard variety yarn. I used the "one pound" yarn (woah, that's a lot of yarn!!) from Meijer and used maybe a little over a third of the yarn? The pillow cases are around 12x12 and I had a substantial amount of yarn left over but no where near enough to make two pillow cases per skein.

I can't wait to make more!! I love how soft they are and how they add such great texture. Next I hope to make some for our bedroom. I've been struggling to make pillow cases for our throw pillows on our bed that I'm happy with and I think this will be just perfect!

Don't know how to crochet? That's okay! I actually taught myself just by searching "beginner crochet tutorials" online. There are literally three types of knots that this project requires and they are definitely in the beginner category. You can find a basic crochet hook at any super store or craft store starting at $3.00 and yarn runs in the $6.00 - $12.00 range (unless you're fancy-pants and get the nice stuff). It's a really low barrier hobby to get into - you can take it anywhere; and it's easy to clean up; there are tons of tutorials online; and it's pretty low cost.


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