This completely snuck up on me. We are only 3 months away from Braden's first birthday. How is that possible? The last few months have been really fun with little B and Connor. They are really starting to enjoy each other. It is so much fun to watch them actually play together...Their favorite game these days is: "c'mon baby" where Braden happily "chases" Connor as he sprints up and down our hallway yelling "C'MON BABY C'MON" :) It's hilarious. Braden has his two bottom teeth - which makes his little smile so funny. I love it. He's so happy, loves everyone (even complete strangers), but especially loves his dada and Connor. He gets so excited when Dave walks through the door at the end of the day. It's adorable.

Connor is sleeping regularly in his big boy bed and absolutely loving it. We've had a few mishaps with getting out of bed and looking out the window instead of sleeping during nap time, but it's honestly been a lot easier transition than I expected. Potty training is the works. We'll see haha. He also is talking in almost full sentences. We can understand pretty much everything he says now. Of course it helps that we know a lot of his code words, but still it's crazy to see him express himself so well. He's honestly even sweeter now that he can really express himself vocally...although I am happy that "I don't like it" has finally started replacing "too scary" when he doesn't want to do/eat something. No sweetie, oatmeal is not "too scary". Toddlers (although occasionally tiny terrorists) are pretty hilarious.

Love these boys!!