Christmas is easily my favorite holiday! I like to put my decorations up as soon as Halloween is over, but for more sane people, all 31 days in December is more than enough. This Christmas Connor is old enough to understand the countdown to Christmas so we’re doing an advent calendar! Unfortunately for us all the premade ones aren’t dairy free so we figured we’d make our own this year! I partnered with Abby at Beijos Events to make these super cute DIY paper advent calendars stuffed with whatever treats work best for you and your family! 

You’ll need the following: 



1. Gather your supplies

2. Pre-punch circles for date labels

3. Print out geomotric templates onto cardstock


4. Fold your cut out template along dotted line


5. Using a mini hole punch or your needle, punch two small holes into the top of your geometric shape  

6. Thread a length of bakers twine through your newly punched holes  


7. Thread circle punched date marker through twine as well


8. Warm up your hot glue gun and check your shape to make sure you understand how each side matches up


9. Glue tabs to appropriate flaps with tabs tucked INSIDE your shape so the tabs don’t show once glued

10. Pop candy of choice into geometric shape before glueing the last tabs down


11. Number your date markers


12. Tie string at the top of your geometric shape at one end and to your ring at the other end - it will get a little crowded, alternate your lengths as you go

13. Enjoy! Merry Christmas! 

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