Connor | 6 Months

I cannot believe our little baby boy is already HALF A YEAR OLD! How did this happen? Honestly time has just flown by. He's so different from the little lump we brought home from the hospital who could barely open his eyes and slept all day. Now he's this charming, engaged, giggly little guy who just adores us!

Getting to rediscover the world through his eyes is so special. He is always learning some new skill or discovering some new object. One of my favorite skills that he's learned is to make the "ma" sound. He can also sit up, roll over, sleep through the night, eat sweet potatoes, and play peak-a-boo. He giggles hysterically when you tickle his tummy, or jump up and down with him. He can even pick up and hold his own toys without help. His favorite toys are sophie giraffe and buddie bear. He also loves reading his storybook bible with daddy. We think he's probably about 27" long and 16 pounds, but won't know for sure until his check up next week.

Basically, we think he's the best little baby in the whole world. This little guy has completely captured our hearts and I can't even imagine what life would be like without him. Being a mom really is best thing ever.