Toothy Baby

So this kid decided he was going to pop two teeth in a matter of 4 days. I REALLY wish I had a picture of his teeth because they are hilarious, but he just sticks his tongue out whenever you try and get a look at em! I feel like we've been spending the past few months checking his gums whenever he would be randomly fussy and we never got a glimpse of any pearly whites, and then all of the sudden there's a tooth in there!! He freaked out for about an hour and had been fussy all morning. Dave was actually the one to find it since Connor was at his peak of discomfort around the time when Dave got home from work. Great timing! We were able to tag-team helping him feel better. But that was really it! I actually didn't even realize the second tooth had popped through until a friend pointed it out to me a few days later when I was showing off his first tooth! So apparently he is a champion at teething :) Lucky us!!