Roadtrip 2014

ROADTRIP!!!! I have never, I repeat, never gone on a multiple day road trip of this length ever. I think the longest road trip I have ever been on was to Vallejo, CA when I was 19 (from my parents' house in Kirkland, WA).. We are driving all the way to Grand Rapids, MI from our home in Sammamish for our MONTH LONG VACATION. Thank you Microsoft for not only giving your employees 4 weeks of paternity leave, but for also letting them take it anytime in the first year of the child's life. I am so excited for lounging in the sun by the pool with my husband and baby boy every. single. day.

We are hoping to make the trip in 3 days. That means around 9ish hours in the car every day and staying in hotels every night. Hopefully Connor won't totally freak out about being stuck in his car seat for that long. He's so close to figuring out crawling and loves to "walk" and stand up, so I think being so stationary for so long may give him a bit of cabin fever. He's impressing us more and more every day with what he's learning, so maybe he'll surprise us and be content. As long as he doesn't decide to try to pop more teeth through during the road trip we should be fine.

Our last weekend in Sammamish before the trip we got to watch the USMT give up a win (argh!) for a heartbreaking tie in the World Cup. Connor got some fun summer clothes from Mimi and we had a little too much fun letting him wear his fancy straw'll know when you see the photos.

Also this last weekend Connor went into the nursery for the first time, and stayed in the room the entire service AND was happily playing when we walked up to pick him up! The mommy emotions were strong: he's growing up so fast!! But you know what this means?? Date nights while we're in Michigan!! I'm sure if Connor can do the nursery he will be more than happy to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Retterath while we're on vacation :) Can't wait!!

I'll be posting weekly (if not daily) updates during our travels on this blog! Check back soon for updates!