Wedding Planning

Soon after Dave and I got engaged we decided together that the high stress environment I was working in as an event planner for the church was too much for the season we were entering into and I decided to quit my job. Of course I jumped immediately into planning our wedding, so I hardly strayed far from the event planning world I had been in day to day while working at the Resurgence.

However, now I got to focus on some of the things that I really love to do, which is to create. The majority of our decorations were hand-made or personally designed by myself with the help of my extremely talented Aunt Paige who lives just a hop, skip, and a jump away from us in Port Townsend. She was someone who's creativity I had always admired so I felt so blessed when she said she was willing to help me with some of the vision of our big day. Some of the special pieces that she gave us for the wedding decor were the beautiful antique buttons and broaches used in the bridesmaids and bridal bouquets, as well as all the antique blue bottles used for table centerpieces throughout the reception space. She even helped us make the beautiful winter-inspired willow swag that hung over the arbor which Dave and I were married under.

I had never pictured having a winter wedding (growing up in the Seattle area I knew that even a summer wedding hosted outdoors could get rained out!), so we were so thankful for my Aunt Paige helping come up with creative ways to use the Lodge style of Willows Lodge Hotel and a winter theme to create our beautiful winter wonderland decorations - without making it feel too much like just straight Christmas decor. Check out the photos in the flickr slideshow to see all that we created to make our wedding so beautiful.